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The International Ballet Academy is proud to offer an Academic opportunity for our Pre-Professional (Pre-PD) and Professional Division (PD) students in grades 8-12.  

IBA students will are given an opportunity to incorporate their professional dance training into a high quality academic program ensuring a future of possibilities. 

The Academic Program​

The International Ballet Academy is proud to offer IBA Academics, an education program designed to meet the academic needs of our highly motivated dancers as they pursue their development and training toward a professional career in dance. 


IBA Academics recognizes a flexible education model is key for dancers working to achieve higher education goals while pursuing professional dance training. Our program provides each student with the support and flexibility necessary to pursue accredited, college preparatory academics, offering over 170 courses ranging from credit recovery, world languages, and Advanced Placement (AP) classes.  


Academic tutors are available daily to provide students with support as they work through a self-paced curriculum designed to meet their individual goals and needs.   An Academic Director and Counselor assists parents and students with course selection, scheduling, and transcript information.  

  • Daily supervision from 8:30 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. 

  • Academic tutors to support students with individual academic goals

  • A flexible schedule allowing students dual preparation in artistic careers and higher education

  • Official transcript from the accredited on-line academy and a transcript from International Ballet Academy reflecting the scope and sequence of course work, training, and performances completed through dance training

  • Study skills/time management class taught on-site one hour weekly

IBA Academics Dancers will be provided with:

Academic Schedule​

The classroom will be open daily from 9:00-2:30. The English/History support teacher will be available every day to work with students.


Monday: Academic coursework with break for ballet open class 10:30-12:00

Tuesday- Math and science tutor, academic coursework- classes at Kirkland library

Wednesday-Academic coursework- classes at Kirkland library

Thursday-Math and science tutor, academic coursework

Friday- Academic coursework with break for ballet open class 10:30-12:00


International Ballet Academics fee:

$100.00 monthly for academic support

Plus cost of classes from Keystone Academy


For further information contact the Office Manager at 425-822-7694

School Breaks will follow the Lake Washington School District Calendar

Professional Development (LEAP) days on the LWSD calendar will not apply.

Contact Information



"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

-Nelson Mandela

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