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IBA's Summer of Dance is the perfect place to dance throughout the summer. Our Summer Intensive is specifically designed for professional dancers to elevate their dance training and technique. At the same time, our Summer Program and Children's Dance Camps provide young artists with a nurturing environment to explore the art of dance at their own pace. 


The International Ballet Academy is where young artists, and those young at heart, take their first class or find new heights for their technique. Make our Academy your home to discover how dance can change your life and find your inner artist.


Regular curriculum classes are available for dancers who want extra flexibility during the summer months.

Ages 10 to Adult

Summer Intensives are designed to provide expert training through unique instruction under our Academy's distinguished faculty. Through class instruction, end-of-session conferences with the Artistic Director and Assistant Artistic Director, and private instruction with IBA faculty, dancers develop a rock-solid foundation from which to build their technique. Our rigorous ballet training program is based on the Vaganova method, while non-ballet dance classes elevate a student's technique to new heights. 

Classes are specifically designed to focus on precision of technique, increasing strength, and greater musicality and artistry. This program is essential for dancers preparing for a professional career. 

Audition is required for placement.

Current IBA Students are required to audition. (Not Pre-PD and PD)

Dancers must be 10 years old by January 1st, 2024

Ages 7 to 9

The Summer Dance Program is where the magic of dance comes to life! This unique program offers a structured curriculum paired with pure fun and entertainment. By taking the most vibrant and colorful parts of the dance world, our illustrious faculty opens the door to imagination itself. Young dancers explore the wonder that only the theater and stage can bring!

Classes will introduce dancers to many different dance styles in an exciting curriculum that can strengthen a dancer’s self-esteem, character, and personality. Our academy creates an environment for young dancers to discover not only the beauty of dance but also the artistry and beauty within themselves.


No audition is required.

Dancers must be 7 years old by January 1st, 2024

July 1st - August 9th, 2024
July 1st - August 9th, 2024

Intensive Classes (subject to change)

  • Classical Ballet

  • Pointe and Men's Technique

  • Variations

  • Contemporary Dance

  • Theatre Dance

  • Character Dance

  • Stretching/Floor Barre


IBA will be providing a Men's Scholarship for male dancers looking to explore the art of dance during our Summer Intensive. Please contact our office for more information on how to apply.

Summer Dance Program Classes (subject to change)

  • Classical Ballet

  • Jazz Dance

  • Modern Dance

  • Character dance

  • Improvisation

  • Stretching/Floor Barre

July 1st - August 9th, 2024
Ages 3 to 6

A wonderful experience to have during the summer months, IBA's Summer Children’s Dance Camp is the perfect environment where young dancers can begin their artistic journey!


This wonderful opportunity allows new dancers the chance to learn many different skills: creating dances, crafting their props and costumes, and experiencing the beauty of dance while socializing with their peers.

July 1st - August 30th, 2024

To provide our dancers with increased flexibility during the summer months, select classes from our curriculum will be offered throughout the month of July.


These lessons begin with an introduction to formal ballet techniques and training and lead to comprehensive dance instruction to prepare dancers for higher-level training.


  • Primary Program classes emphasize the development of a dancer's balance, focus, and understanding of vocabulary, musicality, and stamina.

  • Preparatory Program classes start with classical ballet training based on the Vaganova method curriculum and include non-ballet styles of dance. These lessons help students develop a strong body and technique. 


Children’s Program classes offer an introduction to the beautiful art of dance, where young dancers will discover the fun and joy in the discipline of ballet, tap, and jazz.


This program is designed for children to see, feel, and experience the beauty of this timeless art form. No previous ballet training is necessary for these classes.

'DANCE WITH ME' CLASSES | Starting at 20 months

This program is a perfect introduction to dance and music for children with one adult companion, either Mother, Father, or Guardian. Guided by one of our experienced faculty members, classes will create a fun environment where you and your child can enjoy rhythm and movement.​

OPEN CLASSES | Ages 12 to Adult

Open Program classes are designed to accommodate a wide range of ages and physical skills. Teens and Adults gain joy, flexibility, and strength through the study of dance. The only requirement for these classes is the desire to dance. 


Private lessons are available and can be scheduled through the Front Office. Class fees for private sessions will be available at the office upon reservation. Times for private classes are stated in the schedule.

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