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Children's Program  Ages 20 months - 6 y.o.

The Children’s Program offers an introduction to the art of dance. Through these classes the young child will discover fun in work and joy in discipline. This program is designed for children to see, feel and experience the beauty of dance. 


No previous ballet training is necessary for these classes. Our Children's Program is based on age, regardless of prior experience. Students must meet the appropriate age requirement by September 1st of the current school year.

All students are  offered performance opportunities on the stage of Meydenbauer Theatre in Bellevue.


     Dance With Me | 20 month to 3-year old

This program is for children with one adult companion, either their Mother, Father, or Guardian. It is guided by an experienced faculty member who will create a fun dance environment of magic and wonder.

  • 45 minute class

  • Max 12 students per class

     Creative Ballet/Tap (3-y.o.) 
This class seeks to fully engage the young child by stressing activities that are fun and imaginative, but that will help the young dancer develop coordination, large motor skills, musical and spatial awareness, as well as listening skills. 

The Tap component helps the young child develop a sense of rhythm as well as becoming aware of different types of dance.

  • 45 minute class

  • Max 12 students per class

     Pre-Ballet/Tap (4-y.o.)

This class focuses on further development of large motor skills, coordination, musical awareness listening skills and classroom etiquette. We promote the development of imagination and introduce memory skills while building physical ability.

  • 45 minute class

  • Max 12 students per class

     Beginning Ballet/Tap (5-y.o.)
This class introduces students to an early study of classical ballet through age-appropriate skill development and music appreciation. Very basic ballet hand and foot positions are learned in conjunction with short improvisation and set dances. Age appropriate ballet vocabulary is included, complemented by stretching and strengthening exercises as preparation for more formal training.

  • 1 hour class

  • Max 15 students per class

      Primary Ballet/Tap (6-y.o.)

This class expands on the students' developing ballet vocabulary previously introduced, through exploration of barre and centre work. Exercises emphasize the development and support of balance, posture and spatial awareness as preparation for further barre work in Ballet I. More complex directed individual and group movement patterns are explored.

  • 1 hour class

  • Max 15 students per class

Dress Code

Regulation attire is enforced. 


All attire may be acquired at On Pointe Dancewear in Bellevue.



Leotard -  Bloch CL5402 cotton cap-sleeve in CDP (candy pink) with no skirt

Tights - Bloch T0981G footed tight, color PNK (pink)

Ballet Slippers - Bloch Giselle S0249G – Pink (not Theatrical Pink). 


White t-shirt or dance shirt.

Black leggings and white socks.

White ballet shoes (black shoes allowed).


All dance gear should be labeled with the student's name or initials. 

Hair must be pulled back in a bun and neatly secured for all ballet classes. 

NO Jewelry may be worn during class.

Please acquire the necessary attire for each class you are taking. 

The "borrow box" is for emergencies and tryout classes only.

Registration & Tuition - 2020-2021 Season Information Coming Soon!!

Dance With Me follows regular tuition and registrations fees as for Ages 3 & 4.
Annual Registration Fee - $50 (due at time of registration with quarterly tuition)**

Trial Registration Form:

Tuition 2020-2021 Season:

Child Registration Form:

IBA Student Manual:

Medical Release Form:

Tuition & Fees For 2020-2021 Season - TBA

The school year has two semesters of 19 weeks each. Each semester has two quarters. Tuition payment can be made by the quarter or by the semester as shown below.

Registration into this program signifies your commitment to tuition for the full quarter.

Tuition week is always the full week prior to the start of the new quarter & tuition is due during this TUITION WEEK (prior to the start of the next quarter.)

A late fee of $25 will be assessed to all accounts not paid by the end of the designated grace period.
Payment must be made by credit card, check, cash, money order or bank arrangement and paid in person or by mail to IBA studio.

Returned Check Fee is $50.

All tuition payments are non-refundable. 

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