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Due to the recent health-related closures that are affecting schools and companies across the nations, The International Ballet Academy has canceled all classes until the end of March. It is uncertain if we will reopen after this date, or for how long the closures will be in effect. 


What is certain, is that without your help, our Academy will not survive this ordeal. Without our dancers to support us, IBA will be forced to indefinitely close its doors in the next two months.


Although our Academy has grown in leaps and bounds and has always been managed with fiscal prudence, our organization has no contingency budget for such a global emergency. Our resources were always directed toward bettering the educational programs that support the artistic growth and education of our students. 


We ask that you please consider making a donation to sustain our Academy during this critical time. A gift of any size will have more impact than you can imagine, and your generosity would be deeply appreciated by all of our dancers, teachers, and the community at large. If that is not possible, please share this page with anyone who may be able to support us. Funds will go to covering studio rentals, faculty and staff salaries, and help cover moving costs incurred from our forced relocation in the midst of this crisis.

The International Ballet Academy has been a beacon of artistic, mental, and physical development for young children, and those young at heart for almost two decades. Our programs and community outreach have reached across our neighborhood and to the other end of the world. 


We ask that you help us continue empowering future generations and our community with the beauty of art. 


-IBA Faculty and Staff

Due to technical difficulties with our initial platform, we have changed our funding portal to GoFundMe. 

All issues are now resolved. 

Any donations and gifts are now 100% tax-deductible! 


"I do not try to dance better than anyone else.

I only try to dance better than myself."

-Mikhail Baryshnikov

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